Taking your backgammon game to a new level

In advanced backgammon play then there are many tactics that the strong player can pull over his opponent and I have seen many tricks played and executed. For example one well known coup is to make a false move if you suspect that your opponent is a very poor counter. Not that a pro would need to resort to making cheating moves but in cash games or matches over a very short length then it has been common for players to hustle weaker players by using all sorts of tricks.

Backgammon board layout

For example one such trick is to distract the opponent at the point of the move. A strong player knows that a weaker player tends not to have a photographic memory of the position and so may not know that a trick has been executed after the fact. This makes it very difficult to repair the trick. Of course we are using the word “trick” here when what we should actually be using is the word “cheating” because that more adequately describes it. The hustle takes place using misdirection which is a ploy used by magicians to execute tricks.

The hustler may purposely do something on the board like ask his opponent a question that requires his opponent to make eye contact at that vital point that he is making the false move. These are poor tactics that no serious pro would entertain but the hustlers can be deemed to be pro’s in their own right and these cheap chip tricks can be the difference between winning and losing a game of backgammon. The novice simply falls for them because they don’t expect a move to be possible. An experienced player will know very quickly where to make the best move and what the best rolls are.


Remember that advanced backgammon principles are not that too dissimilar to advanced poker principles. Try not to do the same thing as everybody else and take good care of the mathematics of the game and the game will look after you. There are many ways to lose a game of backgammon and there is a huge luck element in the game much like poker. So a large does of patience is needed even when you are playing inferior opponents.


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