Taking a look at backgammon tools

So if you fancy a game of Backgammon what type of equipment do you actually need in order to get started?

One vital piece of equipment is another human being! You may be able to create a game of solitaire out of a pack of playing cards, but you will find no such luck with a backgammon set. So your first step is to find an opponent. Next you need a board. Backgammon is one of the oldest board games in the world, so if people managed to play the game in the 1600s using a stone tablet, we are sure you can rustle something up! Next up are the playing pieces, more commonly referred to as the checkers.

Two sets of fifteen checkers are needed to start a game of Backgammon and although historically each piece if circular, they can be any shape you choose, as long as you can distinguish between the two sets. Next up are two pairs of dice. You cannot move your checkers around the board without dice. A doubling cube comes next – this is the cube that denotes the stakes that you are playing for. Last but not least you need a set of dice cups, or if you are really stuck then just simply use your hands!

The game of Backgammon can be purchased in any toy or game store for a very low price. Backgammon groups and even casinos will have sets for people to play with and if you are really stuck, every single piece of a backgammon set can be made from something as simple as paper.

Backgammon is a game where you need to know the layout of the board and how the equipment works. Knowing how the doubling cube works for example is pivotal to your chances of succeeding in backgammon full stop. No backgammon player can entertain becoming a solid winning player until they understand how the cube works and the board for that matter.

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