Doubling Advice for Beginners

Backgammon is a wonderful  game that has a lot of depth. It is actually a little surprising that it is not  played by more people. It deserves the kind of popularity it once enjoyed.For those who have been introduced to backgammon and fell in love with the game, here are some tips that they can use to  improve their game:

1. You can actually perform a redouble. That is, when your opponent doubles to two, you can do the same thing and redouble to four at any time that it is your turn. This is especially useful when it looks like you are going to lose the game. There is nothing wrong with taking a gamble by doubling a double.

2. When accepting a double, remember that the break even point is at about 25 per cent. This means that if you have at least a 25 per cent chance of winning then you should take. Why should this strategy be used? Well, consider that you are playing four games and in each one you have been doubled. If you drop in each of those times, you will lose four points. If you take and win 25 per cent of the said games, which is one game out of four, then you would have won 2 points and lost 4 which is a total of minus 4. This basically evened everything out. Of course, this is not counting the gammons. If there is a good chance that you will be gammoned then you will more likely drop.

The use of the doubling cube really does take  the game into a whole new dimension. Suddenly the game is more akin to a hybrid game where poker tactics and raising the stakes are factors. In backgammon then a superior player doesn’t always prove their worth over a lesser player by winning more games.

For example over a 100 game stretch then an expert may tie with a lesser player with 50 wins each. However if the expert wins on average 2.8pts per game to the 1.9pts per game of the lesser player then the expert has won a total of 140pts to the 95pts of the lesser player thus coming out 45pts ahead or with an edge of 0.45pts per game played.

If the game is being played for $10 per point then the expert is ahead by $450 and is winning an average of $4.50 per game despite the game score being 50-50.

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