Different Backgammon Games

To the general public, the mention of backgammon probably only means a single game. Yet to backgammon enthusiasts and to those who are potentially interested in the game, the single word can mean a lot. In truth, just like card games there are countless variants of the game, ranging from children’s games to those that can be played in tournaments. Here is a snapshot of what is available in the world of backgammon.

Let’s start with those variants that children can play. There is blast off, blocking backgammon, and eureka. The first is perhaps the most basic game, meant for children who are just beginning to learn how to play checkers. The second and third variants can both be found in the Middle East. They are also taught to children as checker games.

Acey-Deucey is quite a well known backgammon variant. In fact, this variant has its own sub-variants, based on geographical locations. Some examples are the American, European, Greek, and Mexican Acey-Deucey. Many of you are already probably familiar with the American version, which has been the favorite of the U.S. Navy and Marine since the First World War.

The European version differs a bit from the American in that doubles are played on both sides of the dice. The unique thing about Greek Acey-Deucey, on the other hand, is that a player can force his opponent to hit one of his blots. Lastly, the Mexican version has the feature that a player is allowed a max of 5 checkers on a point.

These are only some of the more common variants of backgammon. There are actually more which we can take a look at in the future.

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