Can You Learn Backgammon From a Book

Backgammon may be an ubiquitous game seen in many homes and played by a good number of people. But a vast majority of people still do not know how to play backgammon, much less understand what it is.The following books are a great resource for beginners and novice players. They are also easy to find, affordable and have the appropriate level of information about backgammon.

The Backgammon Book (Oswald Jacoby & John R. Crawford)

This book was written by two top backgammon players and was actually instrumental for the resurgence of backgammon back in the 1970s. Even though this book is old it is still a great general introduction to the game. It contains chapters on backgammon history, chouette play, settlements, etiquette and information on how you can start and run a tournament.

Backgammon for Blood! (Bruce Becker)

Another popular book back in the 1970s, this book also gained a bit of notoriety because most of Becker’s advice is, by today’s standards, considered a bit off-base. The writing style though is what draws you in because it is a very entertaining read.

Backgammon, The Cruelest Game: The Art of Winning (Barclay Cooke & Jon Bradshaw)

This book, which was written in the 1970s, leads readers through all of the aspects that they will need to know in order to plat backgammon. In fact, there is even a chapter on psychology.

The Amazing Book of Backgammon (Jon Termaine)

The beautifully illustrated book is filled with full color diagrams on glossy paper stock. The author discusses the basics of the game of backgammon and even includes a section on how to cheat that is written in a humorous way. There are other great books as well including what many consider to be the “bible” of backgammon books…..the aptly titled “Backgammon”.

This book has been written by ex-world backgammon champion Paul Magriel. It is a voluminous book that teaches the player all of the finer points of playing backgammon from the very novice level all the way to advanced level. There are some signed copies available for those lucky enough to get hold of one.

The book was printed many years ago but it is still a classic of its genre. Just like chess, poker and checkers…….computer programs have changed the way that backgammon players view the game with programs like Snowie now taking the analysis of the game to a whole new level of play.

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