Rules of Blackjack

A player places a bet in the box in front of him or her, receives two cards face up, the dealer receives one card face up, and then the sole aim of the game is to beat the dealer, or house, in achieving a score as close to 21 as possible.

A player can hit or stick, depending on what cards are dealt in front of him or her, and with the dealer’s single card playing an important role in this decision. If you are dealt a four and a three for example, you are going to want to get a little closer to 21! If the dealer shows a picture card, then it is quite likely that he or she will make a strong hand.

There are variations of Black jack around the globe, including the option to Play Online, but generally you will encounter the dealer having to hit on anything up to 16, and having to stick on 17 or above. For example, if the dealer has a jack and a six, he must hit. If he has a jack and a seven he sticks.

If you are dealt two of the same cards you have the option to ‘split’ your cards. This means you will be doubling your initial bet as you have to match your bet in order to be able to put money in front of your newly created second hand. Bear in mind that splitting aces is usually not allowed.

If you hit Black jack you can expect a payout of 3:2 although sometimes casinos will only pay out 6:5. Always make sure you know what rules the casino/site you are in/on is adopting.


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