Variations of the Game: Why Not Acey-Ducey

In the game of acey-deucy all the checkers start off on the board. The movement of the checkers around the board is exactly like in regular backgammon. Which means the white checkers have to move from the black home through the black outer board to the white outer board and then to the white checkers home, and then they can be bore off. The black checkers move around in the same manner.

Remember when you were a kid (at least in the USA) and you played a game called Acey Ducey?

I do. Remember, that is.

The rules of acey-deucy are similar to the rules of backgammon.

Except that the player can move any checker he wants at any time, whether or not he has checkers to bring in; and when the player rolls 1-2 or acey-deucy he will first play ace-deuce and then he will play any number he want four times (in acey-deucy after the player rolls 1-2 he can play any double he wants).

Then the player gets an extra roll, and if the extra roll is 1-2 the rule is in apply again.

The strategy for acey-deucy is to try to make advance points as soon as possible and if possible also to make adjacent points as base for a prime.

Get it?

If the two sides both create primes right up against one another, the advantage will be with the farther advanced prime.

Even if that the player with farther-advanced prime has to break his first, the odds are still in his favor to win the game; if he can hold his prime longer, the odds of him winning only go up, and he’ll probably win the game.

Let’s talk more about Acey Ducey next time.

Has anyone out there played the game…as I once did?

Love to hear from you.

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