Strategy Session: Establish Anchors in your Opponents Home Board

I am no backgammon expert, just a fanatical player…and lover of the game.

But when I want to discuss strategy, I go to a friend who is a semi-pro.

At least in my eyes.

I asked him recently for some strategy tips: first thing he suggested was to try to establish anchors in your opponent’s home board.

Yeah, it is a  defensive strategy, but it gives you a safe landing place if you are hit and waiting to reenter.

My friend said, “Try to create anchors on the higher points (20 and 21).”

If you have enough checkers behind, keep two anchors next to each other.

You see, it’s often worthwhile to allow a blot to be hit in order to buy time and protect other valuable points, so the anchors will help you get these checkers back on the backgammon board quickly and painlessly.

Next time, more strategy.

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