Strategies: Why Not Concentrate on Not Allowing Your Opponent to Escape with High Numbers? Try This New Tact and it Might Pay Off

I know. I know.

Even I do it.

I always try to escape my runners first and  AFTER that concentrate on blocking my opponent.

But maybe there is a better strategy to play, one the experts suggest could lead to wins.

Why not revent the opponent from escaping with high numbers such as 6?

Perhaps at the expense of exposing blots.

This can be an effective strategy, since  most players first think about escaping and only then consider all other needs.

Once you prevent the opponent from escaping, he runs into a problem and changes his or her playing  strategy. You know, throwing them off their game.

Then you can start searching for an escape path from the opponent’s home board, even if it means exposing your runners.

The opponent will look to hit your checkers at any price, even at a liability to himself. The stress of being blocked will lead the opponent to make numerous mistakes.

What if you are trying to block the opponent at the expense of leaving distant blots, which are still hit.

The game is not lost.

If you have been hit more than twice, create two anchors on the opponent’s home board, even if it means creating shots for the opponent.

Sooner or later, I’m thinking, the opponent will leave blots, which will raise your chances of hitting his checkers and returning them to your home board, which by now should be strong.

Get it? I know it is a bit unusual. And it might even feel uncomfortable. But give it a try. Test run it.

And you just might be surprised by the results.


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