Playing Against a Maniac

A poker ‘maniac’ is a player who doesn’t appear to have all his mental faculties available to him. He is a player who is allergic to folding, and addicted to his own cards.

How to play these characters? There is something unnerving about a poker player who seems to be attacking every single pot. ‘How can he have a hand again’, you scream to yourself as he pushes all-in for the sixth time in ten minutes. There are plenty of maniacs at the big sites like pokerstars but fortunately this means that there are plenty of profitable games.

The most important thing you’ll need in playing these maniacs is position. Positional advantage gives you the huge capability of being able to watch what he does and act on it, rather than him acting on what you do.

As poker is all about percentages and likelihoods, once you have identified someone as a maniac player, you’ll just have to accept it if the player takes you out with a genuine hand. That’s the way the game goes sometimes.

If you approach these players with the following philosophy – that they are simply giving you more opportunities than most players do to acquire their whole stack – just wait for that premium hand to wipe them out.

With that premium hand, you should be able to take a maniac for all he’s worth. As always in poker, patience is the key to success. If you keep your head whilst everyone around you loses theirs, the game is there for the taking.

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