Jacks or better

Jacks or better is an online casino card game where you are dealt five cards in the hope of creating the best poker hand possible. You have one opportunity to replace up to all five cards, or you can stick with as many as you like from the first set.

The minimum hand you require to collect a cash prize in the game is a pair of Jacks. The same prize is given to a pair of Queens, Kings and Aces. People playing Deal or No Deal online may want to give it a try for a change.

To gain a bigger profit, you need at least two pairs in your five-card poker hand. The better the hand in the poker hand rank, the more profit you will make. Any two pairs from your hand will double your stake in the minimum mode whilst it will multiply it by ten when playing in the top mode.

If you find three cards of the same suit after the first round, it is worth chasing the flush as the reward is high – paying six times your stake for hitting the hand. Likewise straight hands show a profit of five times your stake.

The strategy you choose to play is simply down to you. There is no correct way of playing and no strategy works better than others. You are relying on the right cards to come out, although some players will be braver than others in the push for the top hands. If you are used to playing Monopoly Slots Machine you might like to give it a try.

The best possible hand in this game is the Royal Flush and you would be rewarded which at least 250 times your stakes, depending on which stake and mode you choose to play in.

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