In Abu Dhabi, During Holy Month of Ramadan…Play Backgammon

Here is an interesting way to pass the time of day if you happen to be spending time in Abu Dhabi during the most holy month of Ramadan.

Play backgammon. This month, the Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi will offer a lavish Iftar buffet complete with Ramadan juices for only AED135 per person for adults and AED75 for children between 6 and 12.

And while you’re waiting, enjoy a shisha with a game of chess or backgammon in the Layali Al Alfeya tent in Marakesh restaurant, open from 20:00 until Suhoor.

An Oudh player will entertain with traditional sounds of Arabia, and the a la carte menu offers oriental and authentic Ramadan food.

Sounds wonderful.

So, all of our Muslim friends, traveling to Abu Dhabi, here is a chance to not just worship but to also have some gaming fun on the side.

After all, backgammon, we know, is one of the most popular games in the mideast.


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