History Tells Us…Backgammon Will be Around Forever (YEA!)

I was pouring through some old books about ancient games and of course, came across backgammon, my favorite game.

Did you know that throughout the history of backgammon, the Church attempted various times to ban the game, but constantly failed.

Cardinal Woolsey, in the 16th century, ordered all the boards burned, calling the game “the devil’s folly.”

Burning the boards was useless, still, since any sort of board can be drawn within dirt or sand as well as played with smaller pebbles. Dice were frequently handmade as well as have been modest enough to be quickly concealed on an individual or hidden in someone’s house. Furthermore, the English had been pretty clever as well as made the decision to disguise the backgammon board as the folding publication. The innovative craftsmanship will be even evident within the board we use these days.

Edmund Hoyle, the famous writer as well as gamesman, documented the rules as well as the history of backgammon within the mid 1700?s.

English colonists brought backgammon to the homes within America, along utilizing chess and other board games.

Although the game of backgammon missed some popularity in the Victorian era, it quickly reappeared as well as gained force in the 20th century.

Early in the 20th century, someone (we don’t know who) devised the doubling cube, that offers players the opportunity to multiply their first wager by the number on the doubling cube.

Tournaments, books, magazines, and clubs are now the part of the historical past of backgammon.

The introduction of the game on the Internet has increased its popularity to an even better extent.

Which leads to my conclusion: BG FOREVER!

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