Golf Solitaire review

Golf Solitaire is an invitation by the golf club’s owner to play some cards before you hit the golf course. The game is based on normal solitaire rules where golf is incorporated into the theme as much as possible.

The aim is to remove enough cards from the columns on the screen to reach par which is the score required to reach the next level. In order to do this, you can remove cards from one of the columns if the value of the card is either one higher or lower than the open card at the bottom of the screen. If there is no move available you can change the open card, but for every click you incur a 10 point penalty and people looking for free games to play should bear this in mind.

If there are various options available for you to choose in the columns, it is a better idea to take a card from the column which has the most cards. More points will be accumulated if you can remove cards in a sequence without having to change the open card so a lot of planning is required to try and give yourself the best chance possible.

Inside the different columns there will be joker cards. These cards will go into your golf bag when they are released and can be used at any point in the game for any value to help you. People who play free games will know the value of such items.

One of the stumbling blocks you will find in this game is a bunker cards. Just like in golf, a bunker will provide you will plenty of trouble. On this occasion the bunker stops you from using that specific column until you find a sand wedge card.

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