Every Hear of Garden Gammon? New York Dude is Awesome, So Go to His Site
This is such a cool idea that I thought I’d give this man some publicity. 

His name is — Steve Schreiber, of New York. Google him and go to his page.

You rock, man.

He put together a project called GARDEN GAMMON.

And he deserves all the credit for this page.

Below are his descriptions.


Now, from his own posting: “I built an outdoor backgammon court in

my backyard and call the game “Garden-Gammon.”

It’s 12 foot x 12 foot playfield. The points and surface are three different colors 

of gravel. The checkers are Frisbees. I found 4 inch foam dice

here on the Internet:http://www.presentationresources.net/dice.html

And we use two 5 gallon buckets as the dice cups (one blue and one white).

The doubling cube was constructed out of a square cardboard box.

Check out the attached pictures. In the first match, my wife jumped out 

to a 2-0 lead, but I rallied to win 3-2. It’s really a fun way to

play backgammon. And a chouette would be a real party!

The inspiration for this came from a trip we took to 

Switzerland in April. We were wandering around Zurich, a

nd came across a group of people playing chess in Zurich, on this large outdoor chess board:

My wife made the leap to doing the same for a backgammon court, 

and I couldn’t resist. It took me about 30 hours of work

over several weekends but it was well worth it.

So if you’re a backgammon aficionado, think about beautifying your yard 

with Garden-Gammon. It’s a great conversation starter and gives

a whole new meaning to phrases like “Big Doubles” or “Huge Blunder.”


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