Best Game Ever? Backgammon of Course. It’s Been Played for Centuries.

Every once in a while I like to crow about backgammon, in my mind, one of the best games ever invented.

What’s my evidence?

Time, dude. How can a game be so popular for so long to so many people if it ain’t the best thing ever.

The origins of backgammon are traced back thousands of millennia to the Middle East. It is believed that backgammon was derived from board games played by the ancient cultures of Egypt, Rome, Sumer and Persia.

Backgammon, however, is a board game that has survived long past the fall of the ancient civilizations that contributed to its early evolution.

Isn’t that the truth.

From Ancient Egypt to Ancient Persia, kings, soldiers and the people alike spent many hours of recreation playing this age-old game that combines the excitement of race games determined by the roll of dice, and clever strategies that have been sharpened and added to, over time.

Although backgammon has Middle Eastern origins, scholars and anthropologists think the game’s modern-day name comes from the region of today’s United Kingdom.

One theory for the name is that it comes from two Welsh words – bach and cammaun, which translate as “little battle.”

Another suggestion is that backgammon comes from the Olde English words baec and gamen, or backgame, because the game was found on the backside of the chessboard.

Whatever the origin, this is a game that defies time.

And aren’t you glad it did.

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