Backgammon Variations: This one is From Russia, and It’s Called “Narde”

The game is called Narde. It’s usually played in Russia on a backgammon board, with 15 checkers for each player.
And it’s played like backgammon except for the following rules:

1) Both players move in the same direction. Player 1 moves from 12 to 1, and then to 24 and from there to 13 and off the board. Player 2 moves from 24 to 13, and then to 12 and from there to 1 and off the board.

2) A point is already made with one checker on it. There is no hitting in narde.

3) Doubles are not special, if a player rolls any double he get to move the checker according to the roll twice and not 4 times.

Bearing off is exactly like in backgammon. A player must move his checkers if he is able to move them.

This is mostly a game of chance and the most important thing is not to get blocked in by a six-point prime.

For more on this game, google the word…and let me know what you think.

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