Backgammon for Your BlackBerry…Nice Integration Program Available Improves the Experience

I have a friend (well, more than one) with a BlackBerry and keeps on looking for a great (not good) Backgammon program.

He likes Backgammon King. A good program, but now it’s improved. Try Backgammon King by Magmic Games, made for BlackBerry. It’s been around for a while, but not with the new BBM 6 integration. Very, very cool.

Magmic has a pretty good reputation. It has a great Texas Hold’em King Live app, which allows me to play live with other players.

They’ve started off with Backgammon King, but I’m guessing, sooner or later, we’ll we see THKL go live with it as well. Backgammon King is your average backgammon game, which has been on BlackBerry for some time now and with the new BBM integration you’ll be able to invite your friends using BBM to play against.

Single mode is still available of course.

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