World’s Oldest Woman Plays Backgammon

Here’s the latest formula for attaining old age: drink vodka.

And play backgammon.

OK…so what’s my proof?

Check this out.

Although it’s not yet been confirmed, officials in Russia claim that a woman from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia is 130 years old making her the oldest person in the world.

What’s her secret? Read on.

The Georgian authorities have petitioned The Guinness Book of World Records to have her included as the oldest person in the world.

Antisa Khvichava celebrated her 130th birthday on Thursday. Although she has lost her original birth certificate, she has documents from the Soviet-era showing that she was born on July 8, 1880.

The Associated Press has reported that Khvichava retired from her job harvestingtea and picking corn in 1965 at age 85.

Khvichava lives with her 40 year old Grandson. She has one son, ten grandchildren, twelve great-grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren. Her 70 year old son, Mikhail was born when his mother was 60.

The AP has quoted Khvichava as saying “I’ve always been healthy, and I’ve worked all my life — at home and at the farm.” Khvichava is primarily bed ridden. Her hands are deformed and she barely walks. Otherwise she remains in good health and continues to play BACKGAMMON and drink vodka.


The world’s oldest documented person is France’s 114 year old Eugenie Blanchard.

You go, girl.

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