Want to Try a Cool Variation of a Standard Backgammon Game? Try Tawula, a Turkish Game

Everyone who reads this knows how much I love BG. But every once in a while it’s pretty cool to try a variation on the standard game.

That’s one reason I love the internet. You can find sites where these games are available. FREE.

Several different variations of backgammon have found their way online in the last few years.

Among these are Turkish backgammon, or Tawula, and American and European versions of Acey-Deucey.

Both of these games have been popular for decades but today offer online gaming fans greater challenges and a new spin on the standard backgammon game.

For example, instead of starting with 15 checkers on the board, you start with just two checkers playing Tawula.

You have to roll the die to bring your other 13 checkers onto the board before you move your other checkers. In this way, backgammon is given a new twist to hold players’ attention.

So “google” the word Tawula — and have some fun.

Then write me and let me know what you think.

Tawula forever. OK.

Happy New Year everyone.

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