Join the VIP Club; Play65 Rewards its Loyal Backgammon Players

Here is some interesting news for those of us who are fanatical backgammon players, both online…and at home with friends.

Seems like Play 65 (of course…aren’t they always one step ahead of the competition, it seems)…has established the first loyalty club in internet backgammon.

I am checking to see if it is the first (such things are thrown around…a lot).

The Play65 VIP Club it’s called and it compensates the company’s loyal backgammon players with luxury gifts, free tournament entries, and money.

The internet backgammon VIP Club works the same way loyalty programs operate in other industries: you accumulate points – VIP points and Shop points – as you play real money backgammon games, matches or tournaments at the bg room.

The VIP points are used to determine the player’s VIP status in the 3-level VIP ladder (from Bronze to Gold), while the Shop points can be redeemed to cash, gifts or bg tournament entries.

Gifts refer to any of the thousands of items available at the Play65 loyalty points store, where anything from arcade machines to speed boats to smaller items like headphones and travel backgammon sets can be purchased in exchange of Play65 shop points according to the conversation rate of 10,000 shop points=$40.

Play65 VIP members can also use their points to enter Play65 tournaments, including VIP special events with lower to zero rake percentages.

Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Check it out and … let me know what you think.

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