In New Hampshire, Backgammon Behind Jail Bars

I love this story, which I picked up while reading the Keene, New Hampshire newspaper…the Sentinel.

It’s pretty funny.

In Keene, in the house of corrections, there are game boards set up for the inmates.

To play checkers.


And now backgammon?

You betcha.

Giving inmates the chance to play backgammon is something new.

There’s been checkers and chess at the soon-to-be vacated jail in Westmoreland all along, and volunteers used to offer cribbage classes, but never backgammon.

Richard N. Van Wickler, the superintendent told the Sentinel he could play the game… knew it… 15 years ago.

“I’ll be interested to see how many (inmates) know how to play,” he said .

The idea of putting backgammon on the tabletops wasn’t his. It just showed up as part of the furniture built by the Chicago company, Norix Group Inc.

It actually is a good idea. Backgammon is a thinking game…and might actually help with the inmates.

Maybe some games that hone cognitive and strategic skills is good for rehabilitating.

I mean, hell. Why not.

I just think this is very very cool.

What do YOU think?

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