Here’s to the New World Champion: Denmark’s Lars Bentzon (aka Buster)

Let’s all drink a toast to the new world backgammon champion, Lars “Buster: Bentzon of Denmark.

The title was decided this July in Monte Carlo.

Bentzon is a member of the Danish Backgammon Federation. He is perhapss best known as Gus Hansen’s close friend and former manager. Bentzon becomes the fifth Dane who wins the world championship, but unlike most of his fellow countrymen he says he does not plan to pursuit a career in poker.

Of course, up to now, that’s where the money has been.

The semi finalist and the only famous player who had reached the top four, Pia Jeppesen, was also from Denmark.

Disappointing turnout: This year, the World Backgammon Championship was attended by only 158 players, less than the 178 who played last year and even less than the 238 who played in 2005.

Several players claim that it is the timing (alongside the WSOP no-limit Hold’em championship) and the location (far, expensive and isolated from any other backgammon activities) are to blame in the low attendance rates.

Well, I confess, I couldn’t make it to Monte Carlo for the championships although I wish I could have. There is no better…repeat, no better place to see a backgammon tournament.

Or any tournament for that matter.

We’ll find out more about Bentzon and report back to you.

In the meantime, a toast to the new champion.

May you enjoy your reign.

And understand this: now you are a marked man at tournaments, but isn’t that part of the fun?

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