Backgammon Strategies: Factors Everyone Should Take into Account, Not Just Beginners

Look this ain’t no lecture.

I love BG. It’s fun to play. I love to strategize (is that a word????)

So it’s important to note the important factors that can make your game more competitive. Some of these are so simple. So forgive me for that, you more experienced players.

A basic then: adopt a specific strategy.

If you have no strategy when playing backgammon you are likely to fail. When playing against anyone you have to apply your strategy according to the pace of the game.

Don’t rush things; take small steps and slowly you will reach the desired result.

You can not play the game with random moves.

Carefully calculate and study each step that you make and when you are confident about your move you can proceed in your action.

When up against a tough player be sure about your decisions and try not to be distracted by anything, During the whole game you have to be very concentrated and be certain that you play according to the right strategy.

But before all of this make sure that you fully understood the rules because this is extremely important when you are playing against someone that is very experienced.

A lot of persons when are playing online backgammon are asking why they suck.

In most cases it is because the rules were not fully understood and the proper strategy was not adopted.

Watch carefully the moves of your opponent. In this way you will learn what strategy the opponent has applied and you will know what you have to do in order to beat him and become successful.

When you play the real version of backgammon there is involved the psychological factor.

There are subtle gestures that are important in obtaining the victory. It’s important to have a poker face and when you do something wrong and your opponent doesn’t see it try not to look affected by the mistake.

Be aware of your body expression.

Although you are very nervous about the game try to relax yourself and don’t let anyone to see your weakness.

Although the game it’s very old the basic tactics that where used when the Romans played it are still applied today.

Despite of the fact that the game during it’s long existence has suffered some modifications basically the strategies and the tactics have remained almost the same. Around the world there are several variants of backgammon. The basic structure of the game is kept but there are some small changes that makes the game different compared to the original version. With the game a little bit different also the strategies are a bit modified.

Whether playing backgammon in it’s German version or Spanish you always have to stick to the rules and of course to the strategies. Playing with random moves you will not become successful.

Got it? Now go out and play.

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