Backgammon in 3-D, it’s Happening NOW, Online

It’s cool to think that my favorite game, backgammon, was played in some form about 5,000 years ago.

May it go on for another 5,000.

I’m sure it will.

The developments in the first five thousand years of backgammon gave no inkling of that at the end of the twentieth century, backgammon stood on the verge of a major revolution.

I can only imagine what’s in store  for us next.

The introduction of online backgammon has initiated a major explosion in interest in the game, and brought it to a whole new, predominantly young audience.

The ability to download Internet backgammon as free backgammon has meant there is no longer any need to even buy a backgammon set but you can have a high quality 3-D backgammon game setup on your own computer.

NOT that I don’t believe you should always have a BG set at home. I do.

Although the long-lasting appeal of backgammon gambling has given a major push to the popularity of the backgammon online games, the chance to play against a sophisticated backgammon computer and play against players from all around the world, are also key attractions.

In addition the online game allows players to play at a time that suits them, and from the comfort of their own home. All the information required to learn the rules of the game and understand backgammon strategy is now available online – players have never had it easier.

Or so good.

Any thoughts about what might be next?

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