World Series Of Backgammon Partners With New Network

Are you aware that the World Series of Backgammon is just around the corner? Well, I certainly hope so! If not, I would have to ask you where you have been hiding at!

Anyhow, on the 24th of this month, we will all be treated to something special. The World Series of Backgammon has partnered up with a new network and on the mentioned day, the official launch will be held in Cannes, no less, and during the WSOB live event. Jadestone Networks is actually the entity behind the other party. It has signed the World Series of Backgammon for its new backgammon network.

If Jadestone Networks does not ring a bell, maybe you are more familiar with GamArena and DiceArena. These two popular gaming networks are actually owned and run by Jadestone Networks.

The backgammon network has been running since last month and is already gaining some attention. In fact, they have already partnered up with other well known groups such as Bwin and Nordicbet. Of course, nothing beats hooking up with the WSOB, don’t you think?

Both parties are excited. The people from Jadestone Networks say that “All of our partners are hungry to launch our new version and player numbers in the network have grown every day since early June. We want to become the largest network and to be the first choice for dedicated backgammon players across Europe and this partnership with the WSOB underlines just how serious we are.”

On the other hand, the people at WSOB say that “We’ve been building up to this online backgammon launch on our WSOB site for some time, but we think it was worth the wait; the Jadestone platform is absolutely the right solution for us. From July 24 all backgammon enthusiasts will be able to play online via our site and qualify for WSOB offline events in cities such as Cannes and Prague and for the WSOB Championship in London this October where the expected prize pool will top Euro 300 000. We have a strong field of players lined up to get rolling on our new online site.”

So, I guess the next several months are going to be quite busy for us!

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