Windows 7: Backgammon Friendly

Are you in the market for a new operating system? Maybe a new laptop or desktop PC? Or maybe you just like being in the know when it comes to these things. Whichever case you may fall under, you might like to know that Windows 7 is being touted as one of the best operating systems that Microsoft might have come up with to date.

I am really not a fan of Windows, to be honest with you. However, I have always found it to be easy to use – perhaps because it is what I have been using since forever. In addition to this, everywhere I go, Windows is being used. And the last time that I got myself a brand new netbook, it came bundled with Windows XP. That does not really leave me with much of a choice, right?

Anyhow, even if I am not getting anything new in the near future, I like what I have been reading and seeing so far about the new Windows 7. No, this is not a post about operating systems. This is not a blog for that, but what prompted me to write about Windows 7 is the fact that it is something that has a plus for us backgammon lovers!

It comes bundled with 3 new online games – checkers, spades, and of course, backgammon! While I am sure that you already have your favorite online backgammon room, it is always a pleasure to have something extra like this when you buy software. And, if everyone starts using Windows 7 – just as what usually happens with Windows releases – then more people just might play backgammon online!

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