What Is Shesh Besh?

This is for real – I am not pulling your leg.  The name may sound a bit weird, it may even sound funny to some, but it is a real variant of backgammon that quite a lot of people play these days.  Shesh Besh is actually a backgammon variant that has its origins from Turkey.  It does not differ all that much from backgammon and is easy to learn although there are some tiny deviations from the original game.

Some of these differences are as follow:

1.    Whichever player wins the opening roll has the advantage of rolling again for his first turn.
2.    Two points are awarded for a gammon while 3 points are given to a backgammon in Shesh Besh.
3.    There is no such thing as a doubling cube in Shesh Besh.

Just like all the other variants of backgammon, Shesh Besh has the same ultimate goal, that is to have all of the player’s checkers move all away around the board.  Some rules on how to move the checkers in Shesh Besh:

1.    A player can only place a checker on a point that is not held by at least 2 of the other player’s checkers.
2.    In Shesh Besh, 2 dice are used and 2 independent moves are signified by the numbers on each of the dice.
3.    Doubles are played 2 times.
4.    On each dice roll, the player has to use both of the numbers that come up – if at all possible.  If doubles are rolled, then the player has to use all 4 numbers, again if possible.

Sounds interesting?  Maybe you should try playing Shesh Besh the next time around.

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