Try Out Dice Arena Software

Have you ever heard of Dice Arena?  To be honest, this is the first time that I have encountered this group and I am pretty impressed at what I have heard and seen so far.  So what is Dice Arena?

It is a web site and software developer which focuses on – you got it – dice games, among other things.  The idea behind the group is simple.  They took a look at what is popular in online money gaming and then decided to add their own twist to the games.  The result is an array of classic games with the additional factor of using dice.

They have been working on their products for a couple of years now and they have recently launched their first couple of products – Dice Hold ‘em and Shoot the Moons.  Obviously, the first one is their own version of Texas Hold ‘em Poker.  The second is basically shooting dice in order to get the highest score.

So what am I doing talking about Dice Arena in a backgammon blog?  Well, since they are still new, they do not have their full line of products out yet BUT they do have plans to launch a Dice Backgammon game!  I have not seen anything about the specific game play as of yet but the site describes it simply as “the classic with Dice Arena flavor.”

I suppose that leaves a lot to our imagination but based on what I have seen in their web site so far, this should prove to be an interesting variation.

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