They Choose Backgammon…

…and over going to the bar!  Fancy that!  If you had asked me whether or not young singles would ever choose backgammon and other board games over bar hopping or night clubbing several years ago, I would probably have looked at you strangely.  I mean, alright, some young singles I know would probably do that but in general, most youngsters would probably choose going to the bar right?

Not so in Toronto – at least these days.  Apparently, more and more young singles are choosing to play board games over playing the more traditional dating games you see in bars and night clubs.  Whether you’re talking about Cranium, chess, backgammon, or Monopoly, these games are becoming more and more appealing to a wider audience.

What is the reason for this shift in entertainment choice?  Heck if I really know.  It could be nostalgia – the longing for something that they used to know.  On the other hand, it could be that what we “old people” used to take for granted is new to these young singles.  What we consider old, they consider novel and exciting.  Another reason could be the flagging economy.  You know just how expensive the bar scene could be!  With these board games, all you need is a place to play and the people to play with.  Many people don’t even have to spend money to buy the board games as they can probably just raid their attics or their parents’ homes for these games.   Even more importantly, these games increase social interaction AND boosts their brains as well!

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