The Joys of Online Backgammon Playing and Why It’s Exploding in Popularity


I’ve thought about this a lot lately… what accounts for the explosion of popularity of Backgammon?

Perhaps it is the fact that you can play online backgammon 24/7.

Online backgammon is a popular alternative to more traditional ways of playing the game. First, of course, it’s more accessible…and easier to play than more traditional means. Being online has also broadened the popularity of the board game around the world.

Its accessibility and the fact that unlike offline backgammon clubs, backgammon websites are open 24 hours a day are only some of online backgammon advantages. Other advantages include the worldwide backgammon community, the variety of options and, of course, its convenience.

Although you can play online backgammon against the computer, multi player backgammon games, in which you can compete against players from around the world, is more popular choice.

It turns out that the community feature and the possibility to interact with people you had the slightest chance of meeting unless you were sharing a virtual backgammon game, draws many internet users to online backgammon sites. Even people who have never seen a genuine backgammon board before, are spending their pastime playing backgammon games in front of their computers.

In addition to the choice between multi and single player backgammon games, internet users can choose between playing online backgammon for fun (using virtual money) and playing backgammon games for real money. Moreover, when playing backgammon online you can select your opponents according to their skill level or rating points, and even take part in online backgammon tournaments that host dozens of players who compete for one title at the same time. Another advantage of online backgammon is the possibility to be exposed to diverse variants of the game and different playing styles.

Online backgammon can be played anytime and anywhere; you can play online backgammon against real players from your messy bedroom at 3 AM wearing your P.J.s….

Or how about naked backgammon?

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