The Backgammon Board: More Than Meets The Eye


I am sure that you know where that line comes from.  The Transformers has always been a big hit with kids – even before the highly successful movie was launched last year (was it only last year that it was launched?).  Anyway, that tag line has become so famous because of The Transformers but it can also be applied to so many things in life.

Take the backgammon board for example.  At first glance, one may not really appreciate the board fully.  This could be due to many reasons – even the new backgammon player might not totally appreciate it.  For those who are not really into the game, all the more that the board may not mean anything but if you look deeper, you would understand the beauty in its simplicity.

For starters, what can you see in a backgammon board?  You have series of triangles – all twenty four of them.  These are called points.  There are also four sections; these are called quadrants.  I don’t know about you but the way these are arranged – the points especially – are so beautiful in my eyes.  Perhaps it is partly due to the understanding I have of the game.  Perhaps it is also partly due to the geometric design.  Also, there are some backgammon boards that are lovingly crafted that one cannot deny that they are works of art.

If you want to appreciate beauty, I suggest you look around for some of the finer backgammon boards out there and take a deeper look.  Your efforts will not go wasted.

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