No More Bots For Play65

I don’t know about you, but I can’t abide cheaters. I know that deep inside each person, there is that tendency (however slight it may be) to try and be in an advantageous position. I suppose that is inherent in humans. After all, we all fight to survive and to come out on top. But when it comes to outright cheating, I just have this opposition to the idea.

It is not any different when it comes to playing and gambling. Take backgammon, for example. We all know that it is a logical game, a game of skill. And as with most games of logic, you can create a program that can calculate all the possible permutations for you and do the work; in all probability, giving you the best chances of winning.

In backgammon, we have those things called bots. They’re actually present in most any other online game. We find people who are too lazy to play themselves and want to play for profit alone. These people find bots which will do the work for them and then reap the benefits.

Play65, one of the premier online sites for backgammon is stepping up its efforts to clean itself of bots. Good for them! I mean, I like playing backgammon. I like winning. But if I have a bot to do it for me, then what is the point? And having to play against a bot – even without knowing it – sucks so bad. I wish Play65 all the best!

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