Backgammon Set by pasadenacraigsliststuff
Backgammon Set by pasadenacraigsliststuff

I know that eBay has been around for a very long time now and that it has reached unprecedented heights. However, I have not really been buying off eBay all that much. Well, I have bought the occasional video game or book here and there, but I haven’t reached the point wherein I check eBay every day to see what I can buy. I do like browsing the site every now and then, though.

And today, I am glad that I did! I found several backgammon boards – sets actually – that I am seriously considering buying. They might be of interest to you as well.

Handmade Fantastic Turkish Backgammon Game Board
Check this one out at this link: The Buy Now price is only $39.95. It is handmade and the tiles just look so beautiful! Measurement, with board closed:

• Width : 15 cm (~5.9 inches)
• Length : 30 cm (~11.8 inches)
• Height : 5.5 cm (~2.2 inches)

Vintage Deluxe Backgammon Attache Set in Box
This one’s a little cheaper at $15.99, but that is only the starting bid. The attractive thing for me is the attaché, which has this vintage look. Inside is the boxed game with the dice and other peripherals. Owner says the box is a bit battered although the game is good. Check it out here:

NEW Michael Graves Designer Wood Backgammon Game Set
This one’s another beauty! Made of cherry-stained hardwood, it will really catch anyone’s eye. It is brand new, factory sealed. Starting bid is $22.99. You can bid on it here:

Happy bidding!

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