Do You Have A Strategy?

How long have you been playing backgammon?  Did you learn the game as a child? If you are like many people I know, backgammon was probably part of your childhood.  And while this is actually a good thing – learning things early is always a good thing – it can also put you at a disadvantage sometimes.  You see, when you learn things as a child, sometimes strategy is overlooked.

When it comes to backgammon, this is particularly important.  What happens is that an adult – or another child – teaches a young kid the rules of the game.  As time goes by, the new player learns more and more of the game by observing other people play and by playing himself.  Along the way, he learns some strategies, either by observing or stumbling upon them himself.

However, the learning of the right strategies is not always guaranteed unless one actively seeks to learn them.  There are even some who mistakenly think that success in backgammon can depend largely on the dice throws of the player.  While the dice naturally affects the game, any experienced player can tell you that with the better strategy, he can beat a newbie with better dice throws.

The point of this story is simple – you have to go beyond learning the rules of the game and actually seek out strategies in backgammon that will take your game to the next level.  Backgammon is not merely knowing how to play but also knowing how to take advantage of circumstances to make you come out on top.  Now ask yourself, what is your strategy?

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