Be A Killer Backgammon Player

Backgammon is one of the most fun board games you can ever play. More than being fun, backgammon is also one of the most challenging games in existence. However, while it is challenging, it is also not impossible to master. For those of you who want to become killer backgammon players, here are some quick tips.

Master how to block your opponent in.
This is one of the best strategies that will help you become an even better player. Blocking your opponent in will prevent them from moving their checkers out of their home board. Learn how to do this early in the game.

Learn how to muster your courage to hit when you have to.
Actually, experts say that when you are in doubt, HIT. How will this help? When a checker is hit, your opponent must move that checker before he or she can do anything else. It is easy to see that the more checkers you hit, the less chances your opponent has to execute his or her plan. In effect, your opponent will be dancing to your tune, which is what you want in order to win.

Combine these two tips together and you have a winning formula.
Think about it, if you have blocked your opponent in and then start hitting him or her left and right, then your opponent will have a heck of a time just trying to stay alive. And once your opponent is in this position, you can make your ultimate move.

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