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I have just come back from a week long vacation and I have to admit that I have what I like to call “end of vacation blues.” You know, when you cannot seem to focus on your work and when you seem to have no inclination to do anything except to go back to wherever you were for vacation. In my case, all I can think of is the beach. White powdery sand, crystal clear waters, and the warmth of the sun on my skin.

I have never been to Greece but maybe it will be next destination. Aside from being famous for its awesome beaches, Greece is the perfect place to be if you love playing backgammon. I just read somewhere that people in Greece are so into this game. This is really not a surprising thing as backgammon has always been part of the Greek culture. In fact, some of the oldest variations of this game originate from Greece!

By the way, that “somewhere” I mentioned up there is actually an article by Marina Nikolova, who shares that backgammon is really embedded in their culture. She writes that they play backgammon everywhere – at home, in coffee shops, and AT THE BEACH! Now wouldn’t that just be heaven – playing backgammon at the beach, sipping an ice cold drink all the while?

I am also pretty sure that one can find wonderful backgammon boards for sale in Greece. All this being said, I cannot think of a reason NOT TO go to Greece on my next vacation, can you?

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