Backgammon On Skype


God bless whoever thought of Skype.  I think that they are owned by eBay – that should say something, right?  Anyhow, Skype has been part of my daily life, much like my mobile phone and netbook.  When I discovered it many years ago, I was quite happy to know that I had a cheap option when it came to long distance calls.  Back then, I found it unbelievable just how much I could save by using Skype.  Today, I find it unimaginable NOT to have Skype.

More than voice calls and video calls, however, Skype also provides other features that may not be as popular.  For example, did you know that Skype also offers games such as backgammon?  Yup, you can actually go online and play backgammon using Skype.

Of course, for hardcore communications people who only see Skype as a tool to make and receive calls, having the option to play backgammon might be something to scoff at.  But for the more laidback people – like you and I – this little add-on is something to be happy about.

So how do you play backgammon on Skype?  Just log in as you normally would and then click on the TOOLS menu,  then DO MORE.  From there, you could actually choose from a lot of other extras but of course, backgammon is what I would like to point out here.  You have to download the software – it takes a minute, even less.  You also have to invite at least one of your contacts to use the application with you and then you are good to go.  It is fun and cute, you have to try it!

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