Asia Targeted By GameAccount

Europeans may be familiar with the group GameAccount, as this company has been a significant player in the online gambling world. Here is a piece of good news for those in Asia and South America, though: GameAccount is looking to expand its operations to target these two markets. There is no doubt that online gambling is a big thing in these parts of the world as well and it is only logical that groups such as GameAccount will eventually focus their energies on them.

Even better news is this: GameAccount has singled out backgammon, among several other online games, to be part of their campaign. Igamingbusiness has this report:

Leading skill games provider GameAccount has announced the signing of a ‘white-label’ licensing deal with Milwaukee-based online operator Players Gaming And Leisure.

The agreement will see some of GameAccount’s most popular titles including dominoes, multi-player blackjack and backgammon made available to players at leading games sites and

I think that this is a very good move on their part, as these games are probably the ones that would attract customers the most. While I do not see poker being part of that list, I am not bothered – there are just too many poker rooms out there anyway! It is actually a bit harder to find a decent backgammon room to play in and find likeminded players. In any case, the fact that they have backgammon is something that I thought you would like to know, in case you live in this neck of the woods.

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