Absolute Backgammon For The Mac

I have always wanted a Mac but just like some people, I have never been able to get one for several reasons.  One, it is quite expensive (although this reason is becoming passé as there are more and more affordable units these days).  Two, the compatibility issues are always there (again, these things are being resolved as time goes on).  Three, and this is the main reason I guess, I am simply to lazy to try and get used to a whole new machine and system.

Gaming is a prime example of those reasons I gave above.  I love to play computer games – all sorts of them – and many times, the games that I play are made for the PC.  If I had a Mac, what would I do then?  These days, though, I have been noticing that more and more game developers are making Mac versions, just like Absolute Backgammon for the Mac.

This game has been around for quite some time now but they recently announced an update, which is said to make the original game even better for the players.  Online-casinos has this press release:

Latest upgrade improves all aspects and includes voice control

According to MacUpdate, software provider Gammonsoft’s latest version of its Absolute Backgammon product has all the bells and whistles, including voice control and a choice of skins.

Retailing for $25, Absolute Backgammon has superb graphics, sound effects, speech, and many options and features including 5 skill levels for a fun game of backgammon, claims MacUpdate.

Version 6.1.1 supports game play in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Dutch, and works with Leopard and Intel Macs, providing a variety of game boards to enable the player to choose that best suited to his or her preferences. All of the dice rolls used in the game can be selected to be saved to a file at the start of a new game for players wanting to keep an eye on fairness, and the stats kept by the game provide additional reference material.

Since I don’t have a Mac and I have never played this game, I cannot give you my opinion on the game.  Anyone out there with hands on experience with Absolute Backgammon?

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