The Basics Of Chouette Backgammon

We had an introductory post on chouette backgammon in the previous post but I felt that there was not enough detail to satisfy the more curious players.  I attempted to come up with a detailed guide but I found a very comprehensive guide on, which I thought would be better to share.  Here is the most basic part:


1.1 The Chouette rules assume knowledge of the game of backgammon, how it is scored, the role of the doubling cube, and procedures for handling dice and doubling cubes.

1.2 In a chouette, one person, called Box, plays a game of backgammon for points against a Team of other players, headed by Captain, who rolls the dice and plays the checkers for the Team. Optionally, Box may take a Partner, customary when the Team is large (often restricted to chouettes with 6 or more by mutual agreement). At the end of each game, the Team rotates, with the next in line becoming the new Captain. The new position of Box, Partner, and Captain is according to the rotation rules below.

1.3 The initial determination of Box, Partner, and Team with Captain is customarily done by each player rolling 2 dice, (doubles not counting extra), and the highest number becomes Box, the next is Captain, then the next determines the order of the Team. The last person on the team would be the first selection as Partner, if any.

1.4 Each member of the Team has a doubling cube.

1.5 A cube is said to be in the game if and only if it has been turned and accepted, regardless of the value of the centered cube.

There is more to chouette than this, though.  There are rules about the stakes, about rotation, consultation, and more.  If you want to learn the game by heart, I suggest that you read the guide in full.  When you have done so and you want to play, let me know! 😉

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