Quackgammon: Backgammon For The Whole Family

This is not a prank.  It is a serious post about a game that is for real.  Backgammon has captured the hearts of countless people all over the world and variations are always being created.  This time, the newest variation that I have run across is called quackgammon.  No it is not for those members of the fowl family that are notorious for their quacking.  It is in fact a backgammon variation that is going to be marketed to the more casual backgammon players – including children.

Developed by Endless Games, an authority in board games in the United States, quackgammon is touted to be a simpler version of the original backgammon.  This game is intended to be played at a faster pace, making it more manageable for the younger generation.  It has not yet been released to the general public but will be featured in February 2009 at the New York Toy Fair.

So what makes quackgammon different?  The company’s press release provides meager info:

?   SMALL FLOCK OF FLYING FOWL:  Each backgammon player moves his or her 15 checkers (also known historically as stones, men, counters, pawns, or chips) around the traditional board; in Quackgammon, each player moves his or her flock of three “mallards” around a peaceful lake.
?   SAFETY IN NUMBERS:  Rather than gaining protection by having multiple checkers on one specific “point”, Quackgammon fowl are instead protected by staying positioned next to each other.  Otherwise, that fowl is quite simply a sitting duck.

So that’s where “quack” comes from!  Anyhow, I am not sure that hardcore backgammon players will spend much time on this variation but it is a good way to introduce your children to the game, isn’t it?

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