Play65: Backgammon For Champions

Do you think you are good at backgammon? Well, you better prove yourself over at Play65. For the uninitiated, Play65 is a well known backgammon room online. They have been offering backgammon online since 2004 and since then, countless players from all over the world have patronized their services. These players have varying levels of skill when it comes to the game.

Late last month, Play65 announced that they are opening a new room, called the Giants Room. The distinction of this new backgammon room is that only the best players can take part in the games offered. Here is their press release for more information:

Membership of the Giants Room is open to Play65 championship level backgammon players whose rating points exceed 1800.

Most recently, due to the growth in the number of championship level players, Play65 had decided to allocate a special room for them to play. The new Giants Room is dedicated to players with 1800-plus rating and it offers special terms and rates.

The high rollers amongst Play65 Giants Room members will enjoy a reduced commission rate of 2.45% for every online backgammon game (single game or series of games) played on $500 and up. While the more moderate stakers will enjoy a special discount of 10% for every game played on less than $50, and a 15% discount on $50 games and up. In any case, the maximum commission taken in the Giants Room is $20 a game.

On Play65 Rating System
Play65 rating system was designed to decide on the players’ skill level. Based on FIBS rating system, a player’s rating is determined by his/her wins and loses at online backgammon games played on Play65 software. In addition to the special benefits given to the highest rated players, Play65 encourages its lowers rated players by dedicating two weekly tournaments with cash prizes to players with rating lower than 1650.

Why not head on over and see if you can qualify?

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