More On How To Win In Chouette


As promised, here are more of Phil Simborg’s tips on how to win in choutte.

Tip #3: Read your opponents.
This could very well be a tip for poker or any other card game that has a similar game play.  You have to be a good reader of people in order to excel in chouette.  You have to somehow get inside their heads and figure out what they are thinking.  Knowing how their minds work – at least with respect to how they play chouette – will give you the edge that you need to win BIG.

Phil explains further:

Some players are extremely cautious with the cube (double them earlier than others). Some players love to gamble, and the higher the cube the more likely they are to take it (double them later on high cubes—they’ll take anyway). Some players will take almost any cube if it is for the box, while others might drop almost any cube if it is not for the box. Some players are reluctant to hit twice and take a chance on leaving a direct shot (you can be less fearful of leaving more blots against this player).

Of course, the fact that YOU can read others means THEY can also read you.  So be careful of what you give away while playing chouette.

Tip #4:  The box means NOTHING.
These are strong words from Phil.  He states that you SHOULD NEVER take cubes that are mathematically not worth it – even if it means keeping the box.  Nothing more needs to be said.

(to be continued)

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