Get A Classic Backgammon Set


September is a busy time for me. Many members of my family celebrate their birthday at this time of the year and that means that I have to scramble around looking for presents – not to mention that the Christmas season is almost here, meaning that I also have to start looking around for presents for that time! As such, as early as September, you can definitely see me going around different stores online looking for possible gifts.

One idea that I got – and I really like this idea, to be honest – is to get a classic backgammon set. I stumbled upon this idea in this site called Bingo Bombshell:

If you are searching for a gift for someone or just want to get something nice for yourself, why not get a Classic Backgammon Set 18″?

The Classic Backgammon Set comes in a stylish brown leatherette attach case with luxury cream felt interior. This is the largest sized board we offer and it makes for a wonderful game with chunky dice and heavy pieces with a large playing area. It comes complete with 4 dice, 30 playing pieces, a doubling cube, 2 dice cups, and a comprehensive instruction booklet – to assist beginners.

I was thinking of giving it to my 8-year old nephew who has suddenly developed an interest for board games. Just last month, he asked for a full-sized chess board because he is trying to master the game. Perhaps soon, I will get this backgammon set for him. What do you think of it?

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