Backgammon Masters Purchasing Golden Shoes


Backgammon may not be part of the Beijing Olympics but that does not mean that backgammon enthusiasts are not paying close attention to the biggest sporting event of the year.  If you are anything like me, you have found yourself glued to the television for the past week, awaiting the events featured in the Beijing Olympics.  If so, we are not alone.

In fact, one of the biggest names in backgammon seems to have been paying very close attention to the turn of events over in China.  Backgammon Masters, a very popular online gaming web site, has announced its intention to purchase the Golden Shoes that Usain Bolt wore in his world record breaking run.  At this point, I shouldn’t have to explain who Usain Bolt is, but for the benefit of those who may not be informed, he is a runner from Jamaica who broke his own record – and the world record – when he won the 100 meter and 200 meter races in Beijing.


So why is Backgammon Masters expressing a strong desire to purchase the Golden Shoes?  Apparently, they want to buy the historic pair of shoes and then auction them off to the highest bidder.  After the auction, they plan on giving the proceeds of the sale to charity – all of it.  That is not a bad idea at all, is it?  I have one big question, though: will Usain Bolt part with his Golden Shoes?  I am not sure if I would if I were him.  Would you?

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