Backgammon Crosses Borders

We have all heard about the current situation between Russia and Georgia.  We might even have differing opinions on what is going on out there.  It is thus heartwarming for me to learn that despite the current conflict and the differences between the two countries, there is still a common ground for common people to interact with each other.  Even more heartwarming is the fact that that common ground is something close to my heart – backgammon.

The well known backgammon site, Play65 recently launched a Georgian platform and a friendly game between the two concerned countries, Russia and Georgia was hosted.  PRWeb reports:

A day after, the 20th backgammon platform of the popular backgammon site, was launched, it hosted a friendly game taken between representatives of opposing sides: the white checkers of the backgammon board were activated by Zaza83, 29 years old backgammon fan of Tbilisi, while the Russian backgammon veteran Kirill9009 moved the black checkers.

Despite losing to his alleged political opponent, Zaza83, who had joined the backgammon website the same day, said he was pleased with the opportunity to communicate with people from the other side of the boarder while sharing a 3D backgammon board. “I’ve been playing backgammon since I was 6… I just started playing online this week but I plan to continue and I’m sure I’ll get to compete against other Russian players.” he told Play65.

I don’t know about you but this kind of event is something that more people should look into.  After all, even if the politicians and big players are the ones making the decisions for the countries, it is the common people who are affected in reality.

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