Things A Beginner Must Know

Everyone must start somewhere – even in backgammon. That is why you should not be ashamed or embarrassed to “label” yourself as a beginner. You can actually take advantage of this period and learn all that you can about the game. Here are some things that you must absolutely know as a beginner in backgammon.

Backgammon is not a game of luck
No matter what preconceived notion you may have acquired from someone else, backgammon is not all about luck. Do not believe that for a second. Well, try playing a game once and you will know what I mean. The fact is, backgammon is a game of odds. Just like with any other game which deals with odds, in backgammon, odds can be overcome. The better you play, the higher the odds are in your favor and the more you will win. This won’t happen all the time of course but the fact remains that you need to be totally focused on the game to take advantage of the odds.

Backgammon cannot be learned just by playing and winging it

If you want to be good at it – and I mean really good – then you should enlist the help of someone or something. Backgammon is all about odds and strategies to overcome those odds. As such, you need to learn about those strategies. Read up on these – books, online guides, whatever works for you. Better yet, find someone who knows the game and ask for his help.

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