Things A Beginner Must Know (Part 2)

So you’ve learned that you cannot attribute everything to luck in a backgammon game. You’ve also found out – I hope not the hard way – that you cannot just wing it when it comes to backgammon. Now what, is that all you need to know? Here are a few more pointers to help you prepare yourself to stand on your own two feet in a game of backgammon, whether online or in “real life.”

If you were asked, what would you say is the single most important principle of backgammon? You’d probably get different answers for this question but one very important thing to remember is the fact that backgammon is essentially a race – you have to get your checkers around the board first. That is basically it. You need to get there first to win the game. Always remember this principle as you play your game. Learn how to count your pips, know – at all times – where you stand with regard to the goal and your opponent. In this way, you will be able to apply the necessary strategy.

Don’t underestimate the doubling cube. You can use it to the disadvantage of your opponent. Don’t use it just because you want to – when you use it, make sure it hurts your opponent (not physically of course). Don’t give it away too soon or else you won’t have “power” when you need it nor don’t give it away too late when there is no need for it. Timing is the key.

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