The Impact of Technology on Backgammon

Backgammon has long been known as a leisure activity. It is not a recent invention or innovation but is in fact traceable to the ancient times. Going back to the time of ancient Iraq and Iran, backgammon has been played with the same concept – the boards, the checkers, the dice, and the cup. Of course, today, the materials have changed quite a great deal yet the basic idea behind the game is the same.

Today, backgammon has gone a long way from its original form. More than the materials for the equipment changing, technology has created a new aspect to the game. Backgammon has become more popular than ever thanks to the Internet. The virtual board, checkers, and dice have replaced plastic and paper.

In its basest sense, though, even technology has not really changed all that much about backgammon. The rules are still inherently the same. One great thing about online backgammon is that different variations from different countries are getting more exposure through the Internet. Games traditionally played in the Middle East and Eastern Europe have been introduced to the West. As such, greater awareness and exposure has been achieved because of the Internet. More than that, the concept of online backgammon has brought together people from different parts of the world. Though it may have been difficult, if not impossible before the days of online backgammon, enthusiasts have crossed the geographical divide thanks to technology.

Indeed online backgammon has changed a lot in the way people play the game and how people interact with each other. Yet no matter what, backgammon has essentially remained the same. After thousands of years of existence, it comes as no surprise to me.

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